All Student'S BookS with • e-Books • interactive Practice (see page 30) . e-Book with e-Book. Real English B1. Student's Book. • 12 units with topics selected. Burlington Books is one of Europe's most respected publishers of English language teaching materials Student's Book Burlington Real English B1 Grammar. Title: In English B1 1 Students Book, Author: guillermo calvache, Length: You will learn how to • talk about what you will normally do in real-life situations.

Real English B1 Students Book

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REAL ENGLISH B1 // STUDENT'S BOOK. Ποσότητα: + "Burlington Real English" is an exciting new series for students preparing for B2 exams. To βιβλίο αγγλικών Real English B1 Student's Book των εκδόσεων Burlington για αγορά. Burlington Real English B1 Simon Marks-Charlotte Addison Editions of the Student's Book, Workbook, Companion and Test Book with answers overprinted, .

Three complete exams with authentic tasks from earlier exams, which comes with an answer key, free downloadable audio files and the evaluation criteria for both the Writing and Speaking tests.

The format allows you to practise not only by completing a full exam in one go which can be very time-consuming , but also by developing a certain skill in a concentrated way with 3 pieces from any type of exam task e.

Listening-Short Conversations.

Success involves using and developing your language skills, plus focused examination practice. If you have less time, complete at least all the tasks of one test e.

Develop a certain skill in a concentrated way by doing all three tasks of the same kind, e. Since candidates often worry about practice materials for the Speaking test, you will be pleased to find six sample task sheets for Task 2 of the Speaking test Presentation , a task which is often considered one of the more difficult tasks in the exam.

Eurocity B1 The Eurocity B1 offers preparation tasks for the exam and helps the learning with vocabulary and grammar practice. The 16 units of the book feature interesting, useful and fun topics, such as music, movies, cooking and holidays. If you're preparing for the B1 exam, there is no better companion on your language-learning journey, than the Eurocity B1. Eurocity B2 2. This is how many real exam tasks the Eurocity B2 coursebook contains in preparation for the B2 level general English exam.

Enough learning material for nearly hours of practice, together with free downloadable audio files and extended by Extra Online Practice Materials.

Besides developing the language and exam skills necessary to complete the exam tasks successfully, there also useful tips and strategies to further boost your preparation. In the Appendix you can find the answer key, the scripts of the audio files, materials for pair- and groupwork tasks, lots and lots of useful language samples, as well as the photocopiable materials for the exercises to make the learning material complete.

It was a basic criterion while writing and editing the book that you can process the whole material on your own, or with a teacher. You decide which approach you wish to follow. Eurocity C1 2. Each unit gives you both practice and skills development to best prepare you for all the exam tasks. At the same time, you will find a couple of units focusing on accuracy and vocabulary building, as we consider the practice and sharpening of these skills as important elements of exam preparation.

The last unit is there to help you with the concentrated last minute tuning in for the exam. It goes without saying, that you can download every audio file of the book for free and instantly copy them to one of your media devices. Testbuch B2 In the Testbuch B2 you can find three complete mock exams with answer key and freely downloadable listening material in it. Which renewable resources do they mention? Complete the definitions by writing the correct relative pronoun.

Then, match them with the corresponding picture. Geologists are people extract minerals and fuels from the soil. Oil and coal are non-renewable resources cannot be replaced after they are used. The Earth is the place there are renewable and non- renewable natural resources. Water is a renewable resource we use for drinking, cooking, and washing. L-Q layout: Water is a natural re- source. We can recycle scrap metal.

In the past many trains ran on coal. The dump was re- ally dirty and smelly. The gates are made of iron. Tim eats too much junk food.

Real Business English B1 Student's Book

Colloquial Expressions Be as fit as a fiddle: Be in bad shape: Be in murky waters: Move heaven and earth: T-Z template: My veggie garden is small. Listening You will hear a radio interview. For questions , check the correct answer in the answer box. You will listen to the recording twice.

A renewable resource is one which A. Some examples of non-renewable resources include A. The major problem with the way our society uses non-renewable resources is that A. If we continue to use non-renewable resources so quickly, we run the risk of A. Stage 2 Tell candidate B about your lifestyle over the past year. Even though trees are technically considered renewable resources, A. According to Dr. Rice, people can help protect our natural resources by A.

A come B came C has come D had come 6. A has demolished B have demolished C had demolished D demolish 7. A forced B had forced C has forced D have forced 8. A what B who C where D that A spends B have spent C spent D spend A had failed B have failed C fail D fails A has had B have had C has D had A announces B announced C have announced D had announced A commit B has committed C have committed D had committed Select the correct option for each space.

Mark the best answer A, B, C or D in the answer box. However, with success often comes controversy. Local councils 6 many low-income settlements, known as favelas, and replaced them with luxury 5 star hotels and new roads aimed at reducing traffic congestion.

As with most big international events, security 8 a major issue leading up to the Olympics. The original budget had to be increased after the private security company, G4S, admitted that it 11 to recruit enough security staff, therefore the British military 12 to take over. Another major challenge for Brazil is the transportation service. Such advances are always met with problems, but the real test is how Brazil steps up to the challenge.

Writing Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who died in at age , had the longest documented human lifespan. Speculate about her lifestyle and what she must have , might have or may have done in order to have lived for such a long time.

Write between 30 and 45 words. Speaking Candidate B Stage 1 You are going to tell candidate A about your lifestyle over the past year. VP5 U3. Look at the pictures. What do you know about this artist? Listen to the conversation and check the correct options. Read and discover the character and personality traits for each sign. Then, listen to the second part of the radio show and confirm. She is from. Spain Mexico Miami b.

She has a personality. She has been a successful. Listen again and circle the best option to complete the statements. She draws her talent to make all her projects a success. Her various businesses have brought thousands of dollars. She even turned a proposal to play the lead role in a film. Vocabulary Strategy Pay attention to the prefixes added at the beginning of a word. Grammar and Vocabulary Pronunciation In phrasal verbs, the particle is emphasized.

Listen and complete. Then practice. Actors often their own life experiences. I well with my school friends. The police will the bank robbery.

Mom has a job offer abroad. Which dessert does Sam want, the bitter or the sweet one? Better ask him. You never know which option Sam will.

Who can the baby while we go out? She is a great nanny and I trust her. IsTom in Hollywood now? He loves that movie project. Who solved the last crime case? Was it CatherineWillows? Yes, she examined the evidence until she who committed the crime. What has made John so anxious?

Well, his girlfriend her feelings towards him. Mary is. Tom is. John is. Cath is. Match the phrasal verbs with their meanings. Form the opposite of the following words by using the appropriate prefix: Im-, In-, Ir-, and Un-. Reflect on Grammar PhrasalVerbs Phrasal verbs are verb-particle combinations. The particle gives a special meaning to the verb. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the phrasal verbs from exercise 5.

Think of your own character and personality. Has it changed over the years? Discuss with a partner. In the past, I was very shy. Now, I get on with people very well. In impatient 37 VP5 U3. Reflect on Grammar Gerunds and Infinitives Some words, verbs and prepositions are followed by a specific form of another verb. Read, complete, and check: The verb consider is followed by: Gerund -ing b.

Infinitive to… The verb prefer is followed by: Prepositions are followed by: Infinitive with to b. Take the test and then complete the grammar chart below.

When you have bad grades at school, you consider… 1. When you get shocking news, it makes you… 1. When you have a problem, you prefer… 1. When your friends have a problem, you let them… 1. Then, you give them some advice. When your best friend is embarrassed, you… 1. Scoring System: Answers No. Your score: You never express your feelings; you hold them back and try to forget them.

You react in a measured way and you can express your emotions calmly and easily. You tend to overreact and lose your temper. Sometimes you want to find a person to blame. Vocabulary Strategy Use grammar books, dictionaries, or the Internet as sources of reference.

Grammar and Vocabulary 2. Classify the verbs in the Word Bank into the appropriate categories. She has never avoided a. She also claims that her many stores, perfumes, and product lines have helped her d.

She has plans to keep e. Read the news posted in this personal blog.

Eίστε Συνεργάτης ;

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. How do people react? She may need help with her math. Kuljangilovy Milano, Italy 10 hours ago Wow!! A beach club chain in the USA! Can she open one here in Italy? What a nightmare! Place of birth: Date of Birth: Zodiac sign: Famous for: How much do you know about this celebrity?

Have a quick look at the text below and find examples of words made with the suffixes: His mother was a school administrator and his father was the owner of a refrigeration company.

His parents separated when he was thirteen. However, he has generally always been a fun, sociable person. That is why his school teachers and school friends gave him the nickname, The Fresh Prince. In , they won the first rap category Grammy award, which they were really excited about! Will was a very good student with excellent grades, but after high school he decided to go for an artistic career and turn down a scholarship to study engineering.

As ambitious and competitive as he is,Will Smith has drawn on his talent, and energetic and charming personality to build a successful acting career which has brought in millions of dollars.

He has starred in various blockbuster films. His movies have earned him a great reputation as a film star. Smith has a very happy family life. He is a loving parent and husband who looks after his family, and he even finds the time to take his mother on vacation every year.

People have heard him say he loves playing chess and video games with his wife and children. Vocabulary Strategy Transform base words into nouns about people by adding any of these suffixes: His achievements include awards and nominations for being an outstanding actor, producer, and rapper.

He felt gloomy and depressed in those days. He has been married twice and has three children. It later became his stage name. These five sentences have been taken from the text. Read the text again and use content clues to place them in the right gap. Reading Strategy Look at the sentences that are inmediately before and after an idea to infer missing information.

Make a synopsis of the text by identifying the key content. Find at least two examples for each group. Main professional achievements Character and personality Private family life 5. Write a short biography about a famous person.


Title 1st Paragraph: Introduction and early life: Professional career: Private family life: Listen and complete the expressions in bold using the Word Bank. Then, match them with their meaning.

PrinceWilliam and Kate b for each other when they were college students in England. What makes your blood boil? Have you ever grinned from ear to ear?

My wife and I met in and we fell over heels in love! Adam was grinning from ear to.

He passed the final test. My sank when my parents got divorced last year. Talk to a partner about situations in which your feelings and reactions come to play an important role.

Use the previous idiomatic expressions in the situations below. ShareYourProject 2.

Then, answer the questions. How did you feel working on this project by yourself? What traits of your personality helped you to successfully work on the project? What traits of your personality and character did not help? What did you like the most about your Personal Blog?

A blog is a personal website published on the World Wide Web. It can include a range of sections and contents. A blog can also include pictures, videos, hypertexts, and even links to other web pages or websites. This makes a blog an interactive tool where visitors can explore its content and leave their comments. Bloggers usually react to the blog posts and expect responses from other visitors. This interactivity distinguishes a blog from other static websites. Thus, blogging is a type of social networking where bloggers can build up social relationships and make new friends.

Comic Read and listen. Which one would you go for? Not at all. These mood bracelets are defective. That means you have to pay me! TheMoodyBracelets Huh! This new business will bring in thousands of dollars! It means you secretly love somebody. I hope that this one will work properly. You see! It started shining red! No, I think this bracelet is broken.

It means you are impatient or maybe very sad these days! What does that mean? Is there a bracelet for feeling skeptical and tricked? Complete the text with the appropriate phrasal verbs. Listen to the conversation. We had a blast! As soon as I started a. Thanks for c. I will keep e. I intend h.

I do hope i. Ten years ago, I was a babysitter; I a babies in a foreign country. In those days, I wanted to b what to do with my life. Then, one night, I was with my friends at a bar and we sang some karaoke. It was fun. While I was singing, I noticed that a man was looking at me. He was a DJ.

Soon, I started singing at big shows; I had to d my feelings and deal with the stage fright. Paul is Complete the Facebook entry with the correct form of the verbs given. Use gerunds and infinitives. I found out he was in Peru. H-I hold back: Head over heels in love: Make your blood boil: Your heart sinks: Activities on page 95 A-G ambitious: She is an analytical person.

Jason is a competitive person. A Memory andTradition Survey You will carry out a survey about memories of past traditions, finding out what is done today, and asking what used to be done in the past.

VP5 U4. Look and label the pictures with the words in the Word Bank. Then, listen and repeat. Fill in the blanks with words from the previous exercise. Key Expressions In style: Vocabulary Strategy Use visual aids to guess meaning. On that day in , the thirteen colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. That is why this day is known as Independence Day and Americans celebrate the birthday of their country with on the streets, floats and extraordinary a that light up the sky.

Word Bank a. This old tradition marks the end of winter and the beginning of b , a time when there is heavy rain and lots of flowers blossom. Originally, the Spring Festival was celebrated to defend their villages from the mythical evil c the Nian, who came to eat d like cows and horses, as well as fruit, vegetable crops and children.


It was believed that putting food in front of their doors at the beginning of every year and wearing red clothes would prevent the Nian from attacking people. Nowadays, several customs are observed during this special celebration. TheChinese celebrate in style by downloading gifts, food, clothing, and decorations.

Houses are decorated with red paper cutouts, red e to illuminate the village, and scrolls with poems about fortune and happiness. The day before the Chinese New Year, people have a family dinner, visit friends and relatives, give red f filled with money and finish the night with firecrackers that make a loud noise when they explode.

The Christmas tree is decorated with lights. To form PassiveVoice sentences, use the auxiliary verb and the form of the main verb. Simple Present Statements Houses are with red paper. Interrogative How houses? Simple Past Fireworks invented in China to scare away evil spirits. Where were fireworks invented? Why fireworks invented?

To introduce the doer or performer of the action in PassiveVoice sentences use the preposition by: Fireworks were invented by the Chinese in the 7th Century.

Where are these traditions celebrated? What traditions are celebrated in your family? Complete the sentences using the past participle form of the verbs in parentheses. Then, check T true or F false. Change the paragraph below from active into Passive Voice. Every year, Peruvians celebrate the Festival of the Sun on June 24th. The Spanish conquerors prohibited this Incan Festival in the 16th century. Today, the festival offers colorful exhibitions, live concerts, traditional dances, and activities where actors and singers bring the past alive.

This is the second biggest festival in Latin America, after the Rio Carnival. The conflict between the colonies and Great Britain was finish on July 4th, Talk with a partner about traditions. Complete the grammar chart. Reflect on Grammar PassiveVoice inThe Present PerfectTense Use the Present Perfect Passive to describe something that was done in the past, especially when you might not know when or by whom the action was done.

Listen and complete with verbs from the previous exercise. Match the verbs a - f with their synonyms. Complete the statements using the Present Perfect Passive. The ideal of giving everybody equal opportunities for years. High-tech gadgets to education lately. There are few leaders who as benefactors of humanity.

He won the Nobel Peace Prize in Nelson Mandela has been a symbol of the human struggle for justice and equality. He was an anti-apartheid activist who became president in the first democratic elections in South Africa in Her literary legacy has helped people understand the terror and anguish of the Holocaust through the eyes of a child.

Vocabulary Strategy Relate new language to concepts already known to memorize vocabulary. Could you tell us about your early years? As a child, I study at a religious school. I was a good student and got high grades. Did you use to be happy at school?

Well, I a. Also, I d. How did you e. I had to deal with it by myself. Now I am more open about how I feel, but I f. Since I g. Complete the dialog. Use the verbs in parentheses with used to. Read and check the statements below T true or F false. Communication has been influenced by Facebook, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg. This creation was the result of his computer hobby. As a child he used to create computer games and small software applications.

As a teenager, he used to have computer lessons with a private tutor. Today he is managing his company and has been considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. Angela Merkel is the chancellor of Germany.

She studied physics and received a doctorate in Quantum Chemistry. Angela Merkel used to work in politics after finishing university. Mark Zuckerberg used to be interested business when he was a child. As a child, Mark Zuckerberg used to have a private tutor. Reflect on Grammar Used to Use it to talk about what happened regularly in the past but no longer happens in the present a habit or a situation. Affirmative As a child he used to create computer games and small software applications.

Interrogative Did she use to work as a politician? T F What traditions are celebrated in your neighborhood? What activities are done to celebrate it? Read the essay and circle the words that show contrast among ideas. Going back in time lets us see how people used to communicate in contrast to nowadays.

It is undeniable that the reasons why humans beings communicate remain the same to share news, contact friends, do business, send warnings and so forth , but the ways they do so are different. While in the past people used to send smoke signals, word of mouth messages, pigeon post, or letters and cards, today most people send e-mails, make calls on their cell phones, send text messages, chat online, or useTwitter to communicate.

When using old methods of communication, messages took a long time to both be sent and replied. However, with modern communication the message is received immediately, without having to wait too long for the answer. This means that today we enjoy instant communication, even with friends, relatives or colleagues who live in different towns, cities and countries. Technology has contributed to the development of communication, which has become incorporated into daily life.

In fact, online communication has been created to facilitate communication. People can use it everywhere and find it hard to imagine their lives without it. Inventions in communication have changed the way people socialize. So, while some think that socializing online may be positive, others consider this change negative.

Communication has been one of the greatest achievements of humankind.

Its evolution over time, the speed at which it works, the influence of technology in it, and its impact on human interaction have made communication possible for billions of people around the world that used to be out of touch! Fill in the blanks using the Word Bank. Then, classify the communication means into M modern or A ancient. Reading and Writing 3. Complete the chart below. First difference: Second difference: Third difference: Complete the sentences using the words in the Word Bank.

In the past, people used to send smoke signals, now they use online communication. Dorothy used to write letters and send telegrams. Reading Strategy Scan the text to identify specific information. Write a comparison and contrast essay about the ways your family used to communicate in the past and nowadays. What traditions did you use to celebrate in your neighborhood? Listen and complete the conversations with the expressions in the Word Bank.

Breakingwith… Organizing the fundraising party at school was my crowning achievement! We raised a lot of money for charity. Check the correct meaning. No doubt about it. Congratulations on winning the elections. Darren, when are you going to stop your bad habit of texting your friends while you are in class?

You know it is prohibited here. I hope so! Think of situations in which you can make use of the expressions above.

To break with tradition to do something similar to what is usually done to do something different from what is usually done b. A crowning achievement a good performance a great accomplishment c. To break the habit to end a habit to change a habit Gap Activity Student A goes to page Discuss you experience. Check what you learned while working on the project. The word survey is used to describe a method to collect or gather information from a group of people a population sample in order to learn about their opinions, attitudes, and personal information.

They are characterized by the standardized questions used to collect data, which means that every person responds to the same question. The size of the sample varies, and this depends on what it needs to be used for. This means that while some findings are made public, others are kept as private. Surveys are classified into three types: First, by their dimension, which refers to the size and type of the sample population e. Second, they are classified by their method of data collection e.

Third, they are classified by their content. While some surveys focus on opinions and attitudes towards an issue like virtual communication or past traditions , others are related to factual characteristics, behaviors, memories and so forth e. Finally, to show the results of a survey in a visual way, we can use a pie graph or a bar chart. While a pie graph is a circle divided into segments or slices to represent a proportion of the data, a bar chart is a chart with rectangular bars that show the frequency of the results.

To interpret the information in a graph, we should identify the purpose of the graph, recognize its variables and see the relation between labels, colors and numbers by looking at its title. Answer these questions. What is a survey? What characterizes a survey? What are the different types of surveys?

To respect and value different ways of celebrating traditions. To collect information, present it visually and report it briefly. To value the results of group work. Describe the activities done, the people involved, the food prepared, and the clothes worn to celebrate. Roll the dice, move your marker and take turns to ask and answer the questions. If your answer is incorrect, move back one square and stay there until your next roll. What special traditions are celebrated in your family?

What activities are done to celebrate Christmas? What cultural activities are done to celebrate Christmas?

In English B1 1 Students Book

Where do people gather to celebrate Christmas? What type of house decoration is used to celebrate Christmas? What clothes are worn to celebrate Christmas? What activities are done to celebrate your birthday? What are to celebrate? Match the words with their concepts. Use the contrast words but, while, however and although to complete these sentences. In the past, communication took time, today it is instant. Social networks are helpful tools to contact people. Read and check the statements below T True or F false.

Sheryl Sandberg was born inWashington, D. As a child, she used to study at a public school where she was always top of her class. In high school she used to teach aerobics. She studied economics at Harvard College and was awarded for being the best student her class. She used to work on health projects in India and as a consultant for many companies, but nowadays Sheryl is the chief operating officer of Facebook.

She has been recognized as one of the most powerful women in business, and she has also been ranked as one of the most influential female entrepreneurs on theWeb.

Sheryl used to study at a private school. She used to teach aerobics in high school. Today she works for Facebook. She has been recognized as both an entrepreneur and a celebrity. As you listen to the conversation, write the missing information. People used to decorate their doors with white and they raised the flag. There used to be shows after the religious celebration in the morning.

There used to be a display in the evening. Many old that people used to celebrate have been forgotten or changed now. I-P influence: Communication has been influenced by the social networks. Nowadays we enjoy instant communication. Glossary A-H accomplish: To give someone a prize or reward. To break the habit: To break with tradition: In style: Q- Z quote: Activities on page 96 58 VP5 U4. The topic of the radio program is about the link between A. Competitive people can be recognized because they tend to A.

Reserved people can be recognized because they tend to A. For questions 6 to 15, mark the best option A, B, C or D for each space. She 6 called the most influential woman in the world.

However, at a very early age, she used to read aloud and recite sermons in her church. Her fame and fortune started in high school when she 10 work as a part-time radio news broadcaster. At the age of nineteen, she started to work as reporter for a radio station 11 Nashville and then she studied a career in radio and television broadcasting at Tennessee State University.

Then, she 12 on to local TV news, and after that, to the famous The Oprah Winfrey Show that was broadcast nationally, and very soon became the number one talk show in the country. A patient B successful C curious D ambitious 6. A has B have been C has been D had been 7. A have been B had been C has been D were 8. A look after B looked after C look into D looked into A moves B move C has moved D moved A was nominated B is nominated C were nominated D has been nominated A have been B had been C has been D was being Writing Write a short biography about a famous person.

Use the Quick Facts chart below for brainstorming. VP5 U5. Ron, you will book the hotel reservation,? We have to travel on little money. Emily enjoys traveling,? Yes, she loves it! But she hates traveling by plane,? You have planned everything for your holiday,?

Yes, I have. There you can enjoy many water sports! Yes, I know. You must hurry up! Listen and complete the conversations with the words you hear. Then, match each conversation with its corresponding picture. To book 1. To be able to pay for something. To afford 2. To arrange for tickets in advance. To look for 3.

To put things into a suitcase.

To stay 4. To search for or seek something. To pack 5. To inhabit a place temporarily. Key Expressions To look forward: Match the expressions with their definitions based on the previous conversations.

The Galapagos Islands are located to the west of the Ecuadorian coast. The Galapagos Islands are the perfect holiday destination for lovers! Simple Present tense He travels on little money, he? They travel by plane, they? She likes city tours,? Present Progressive tense She is booking the flight,? He is ordering the meal for us,? Future tense Hewillmakethehotelreservation,? Present Perfect tense Shehasboughtthetickets,?

Finish the questions in column A. Then, match them with the corresponding answers in column B. Listen and check if people are checking or asking for information. She loves sunny beaches,? He is making the hotel reservation,? Yes, they have already bought them. They have bought the tickets,? He is booking the flight only. Yes, it is. It offers dazzling landmarks. Spain is worth visiting,? Yes, she enjoys sunbathing.

Listen and complete the details. The well-preserved Phuket Island on the southwest coast ofThailand. Listening Strategy To identify details, pay selective attention and use general world knowledge clues. Janet b. Paul c. Harold d. Sara e. Listen and complete the conversation with words from the previous exercise. She said that she wanted to go to the Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland. ShesaidthattheMatterhorn was a 4,metermountainwith daysofsnow.

She said that she would be able to practice lots of sports. She said that she was traveling on a shoestring. She said that they had started to accept credit cards. I want to go to the Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland on vacation. Can you give me some information about it? The well-known Matterhorn is a 4, meter mountain with days of snow; something you can only find in Zermatt! Yes, you will be able to go a , and practice b , c , and d there.

There is lots to do. Besides those previously mentioned, you can also go e.Write short descriptions speculating about the origins of this environmental problem.

Student B goes to page Anna: Yes. For new teachers, the book provides a wide range of tips on how to incorporate LOA into teaching practice. I do take care of my body and health. To form PassiveVoice sentences, use the auxiliary verb and the form of the main verb. Later the journalist arrived. They can be valuable instruments for education, business, and entertainment. What traditions did you use to celebrate in your neighborhood?

If you walk under a ladder, c.