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All Physics Books Categorized (Download Torrent) - TPB

Duarte MathematicalPhysics: Weinstock ChaosClassicalandQuantumP. Lee EntropyandpartialdifferentialequationsEvansL. Doran Geometry,TopologyandPhysicsM. Kirk MathmethodsinphysicsandengineeringwithMathematicaF. Nearing MathematicaltopicsbetweenclassicalandquantummechanicsLandsmanN.

Reed ModernDifferentialGeometryforPhysicists2nded. Schweizer Pathintegralsandtheirapplicationsinquantum,statistical,andsolidstate physicsPapadopoulos,J. Demichev Pathintegralsinphysics,vol. QFT,statisticalphysicsandmodernapplications ChaichianM.

Samann Others: Lozano AdvancesinNuclearPhysicsv. Rigden ChargedParticleBeamsS. Sundaresan IntroductiontoElementaryParticlesD.

Rivas ParticlesandQuantumFieldsH. Gates,etal SupersymmetryandCosmologyJ. Volovik Quantumelectrodynamics: Feynman QuantumElectrodynamics3rded. Reinhardt QuantumFieldTheory: Simons ConformalFieldTheoryP.

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Senechal FieldQuantizationW. Reinhardt FieldsW. Siegel Gaugetheoriesinparticlephysics,3rd. Norbury QuantumFieldTheoryL. Brown QuantumFieldTheoryR. Thaller ThequantumfieldtheoryofelectricandmagneticchargeBlagojevic,Sejanovic.

Weinberg Quantumgravity: Pullin QuantumGravityC. Cabello CanonicalStructuresinpotentialTheoryS.

Vinogradova CavityquantumelectrodynamicsthestrangetheoryoflightinaboxDutraS. Phillips IntroductiontoQuantumMechanicsD. Griffiths IrreversibilitiesinQuantumMechanicsB. Alexandrov ModernQuantumMechanicsandsolutionsfortheexercicesJ. Friedman NotesonQuantumMechanicsK.

Ballentine QuantumMechanicsanIntroduction,4thed.

Free Physics Books

Biswas QuantumMechanicsJ. Norbury QuantumMechanicsL. Rae QuantumMechanicsSymmetries2nded. Prugovecki QuantumstatisticalmechanicsKadanoff,L. Taylor https: Brinne SolutionstoSakurai'sProbls. Bagchi ThegrandunifiedtheoryofquantumclassicalmechanicsMillsR. Weyl TopicsinadvancedquantummechanicsC. Callan VisualQuantumMechanicsB. Thaller QuantumOptics: Puri MesoscopicquantumopticsYamamotoY.

Skagerstam Quantumtheory: Newton QuantumPhysicsS. Peres spectroscopy: Long StringTheory: Zwiebach IntrotoStringTheoryG. Siegel IntroductiontoSuperstringTheoryE. Oz StringTheoryvol1J. Polchinski StringTheoryvol2J.

Polchinski theoreticalPhysics: Gregory DecoherenceandentropyincomplexsystemsElzeH. Rieger QuantumVersusChaosquestionsfrommesoscopyK. GeometricalOpticsGoodman HandbookofOpticssecondeditionvol.

Shen PrinciplesofOpticsM. Johnson TheoreticalOptics,anintroductionH. Remer UsefulOpticsW.

Welford StateofMatter: Kleinert Statisticalphysics: Cardy StatisticalphysicsIsiharaA. Lifshitz Statisticalphysicspart22nded. Lifshitz https: Nelson EntropyanditsPhysicalMeaningJ. Sissom ThermalandStatisticalPhysicsH. Tobochnik ThermalphysicsKittel ThermodynamicsE. Guggenheim WaveMotion: Coulson AcousticsL. Rogers wouldbeagreatadditiontoyourcollection. IfounditabitdifficulttoinmybittorrentclientfindthefolderinwhichthefileIwantedtodownloadwas,soIputtogether thistreeviewoverallfolderstomakeiteasiertofindtherightone:.

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Ijusthadanorgasm radiotat IfounditabitdifficulttoinmybittorrentclientfindthefolderinwhichthefileIwantedtodownloadwas,soIputtogether thistreeviewoverallfolderstomakeiteasiertofindtherightone: DDD SiN4at Gia Khanh.Steele C. Mathematical Analysis. Rose M. Van de Hulst H. Modern Experimental Particle Physics.