GRE: Practicing to Take the General Test: Big Book [Educational Testing Service] GRE Math & Verbal Strategies Set: Effective Strategies & 6 Online Practice. Lets discuss this notion by putting up a review of the GRE big book by ETS! Whereas on the quant, exacting question types such as word. The quant section is even harder than what you'll see test day. Great way to simulate the test environment. 2. Manhattan GRE 5 lbs. book.

Gre Quant Big Book

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GRE Quant Directory by book Here you will find question for GRE Quant Book, Collection of Questions OG GRE Big Book, Questions. I need Gre Bigbook quant section, i have verbal with me, today i realized that quant is missing. its very urgent. if someone has please zzz send. Everyone knows that the GRE big book is quite old for the revised GRE general test. Are the quants questions present in GRE big book.

Most of the practice problems seemed moderate to slightly challenging level of difficulty.


Final Verdict: Not worth spending money on, especially for those with a strong verbal. If possible, borrow the book from someone. Very good strategies for Verbal section. The best part of this book was the RCs.

Princeton has provided through answers to the RCs even explaining why the other options are wrong. The tests were rather easy. I havent used the CD, so cant comment about that.

Do not take the 2 tests seriously but use them for early full-length test practice. However, there the book is filled with problems.

Review of the GRE Big Book by ETS

Hence, good for additional practice. Do not rely on this book for tips and concepts- its only for practice. The RCs are mediocre, at best. Questions are not representative of GRE difficulty. Since this book has mistakes, it looses some marks. Final Verdict: Use only for additional practice. However, this book has spelling mistakes and errors.

What Makes a Good GRE Prep Book?

So avoid if possible. However, Mixed Drill exercises are present. How I got the book: Bought second-hand copy. The strategies for reading comprehension, sentence equivalence and fill-in-the-blanks are useful. This book is the right balance of everything. However, little else to complain about. Final Verdict: Good book for those who want to improve their verbal.

Adequate practice.

Not a must to by though However, Math Diagnostic Test was there. Hundreds of questions available!!!! Antonyms and analogies are no longer on the new GRE.

For fun, you can go through them as vocabulary builders. However, you do not have to learn the strategy behind them. RCs are adequate in difficulty. No CD available.

Still recommended even if it is out-dated. However, download second-hand version if possible. Since it does not follow revised GRE pattern, lot of people may not want to use it after you have finished using it. All chapters in GRE quant are covered in detail- concepts, strategies and practice exercises. Manhatt Final Verdict: Good for those who want only quant practice.

Even though it follows the Old GRE pattern, the shear volume of practice questions compensate. Manhattan GRE books offer comprehensive information, excellent practice questions. The practice execises are segregated based on difficulty level.

However the 6 MSTs should make up for them. Very little to complain about Manhattan books. Some of the verbal questions rely on obscure esoteric words which you may not require for the actual GRE exam. Hardcopies of these books are damn expensive each hardcopy book is around Rs , hence all 8 books will cost around Rs !!!! Ebook versions are cheaper. On the other hand, if you are struggling with math, and are only looking to break , the Big Book or The Official Guide will provide helpful practice.

Finally, the strategies and exercises at the beginning of the book, and the explanations the 10 th edition provides for one of the tests, are without exception awful. Unless you are really starved for content, I would say no. Again, this guide will only be extra prep, and should not be the foundation of your studies.

This is the seventh and last! Firstly, the value of Big book lies in its RC questions: However, as u mentioned, the writing style of both passages and critical reasoning stimuli are very outdated: Indeed, the passage contents are dated from to , before my birth!! My opinion is that: From quant, one should only practice the Data Interpretations.

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As I mentioned, the likes of 1st passages seem somewhat obsolete in now-a-days articles. I think that this is a good example of how the GRE changed in ! The old GRE, represented by the Big Book, includes more convoluted language and difficult vocabulary. The new GRE emphasizes more straightforward academic language that you will actually see and need to understand in graduate school. As we mention in this article, this is a major difference in the passages.

Dear Chris, Thanks a lot…Indeed, the Old big Book is riddled with those dense articles, which can make one pretty frustrated…. I suggest that you check out forums such as Urch for specific questions.

The best way is to just google the first few words of the question in quotes and see if anything comes up! If you are looking for the answers and explanation for the newer Official Materials for the Revised GRE, we do have a forum the provides answers for many of those questions from our team of test prep experts: Then what I realized was that for quant section something like Manhattan 5pound is good enough Im aiming for the very best in math, in my recent mock on powerprep i got , though for verbal I started reading the Manhattan SE and TC book and also its RC book.

But your reviews made me doubtful on them. Now Im stuck on verbal. FYI my verbal in last mock test was so just average.

Can you please tell me some resources to practice verbal questions from? Thanks a lot. And if you were to recommend any third party provider for text completion or sentence equivalence would you have any book recommendations? Text completions and sentence equivalence questions are very hard to write well, and not many sources have good practice.

Hi Chris. You introduce both resources for reading comprehension. I studied some passages of each resources.


I compare the passages of these resources in some ways: Passages of LSAT are not very difficult like big book because they are not include many GRE words like big book, its questions are very hard because ask about all content and if you do not understand all passage very good you can not answer many of its questions and questions have not any order for finding their answers in the specific place of passages, its explanations are very good for each question an finally its variety is limited.

Is my comparison right?

Thanks for all those insights! With LSAT it is the passages that seem to be denser. If you had double time on LSAT, you could probably answer most of them correctly. As for priority, I would mix it up with both sources—doing so will make you a stronger overall test taker.

The current GRE will also have difficult words and dense passages. There are of course some new question types so you might want to get the New GRE material as well. Hi Chris, Thank you so much for your helpful posts.

But I gave a question. What is different between passages of big book and ETS? Please compare them and say what are the best resources for reading comprehension?

Please guide me. All the best, Reza. Now ETS has its new practice guide, but the passages from the big book are still great for practice.

Review of the GRE Big Book by ETS

As for those magazines, they are not meant to replace traditional reading comp. Meaning, when you do a sport you also want to do weight training to make yourself strong for that sport.

But you still need to practice that sport. In this case, the sport is GRE and the best way to practice is with actual reading passages.

But it is always a good idea to strengthen your reading brain by reading articles from the sources you mentioned. Ok, I think will download it. Not sure which one of these should I download, and which of these areas should I focus more on improving since there is only a month left for my exam.

Hope it is ok to come back to you, with multiple questions! Thanks a ton for your help here RC definitely makes up more of the test than SE, so if you had to focus on one definitely focus on RC. Finally for SE it is definitely a question of vocabulary. Best of all, the posts are free: Ok, makes sense.. Yes, it helps I really need to improve my verbal score. You might want to try the MGRE series. downloading just one book gives you access to six on-line tests. I am to give my GRE b April end this year, and I am curently doing a lot of practise tests, to improve my score on both Maths and Verbal.

Do you think it makes sense to download it online, and practice from the same considering it is still the old version? Is there a newer version? I have one month in hand, as of now and I do not really know how to utilize it — need as much practice as I can right now.This will get you the two additional practice tests beyond the Powerprep software. However, for an abundant resource of reading passages and sentence completions, The Big Book can be helpful.

Each chapter is dedicated to a specific set of topics. But flashcards are a much better way to study vocab than a book.

Finally, they suggested that popular demand for substandard fare created a market unfriendly to higher expressions of dramatic art. However, this book has spelling mistakes and errors. Adequate practice. I would warn you to not be tempted by the plethora of tests big book has to offer. Moreover the explanations are awful and will only frustrate you.