The Dressmaker is a Gothic novel written by the Australian author Rosalie Ham, and is Ham's A special film tie-in edition of the novel, featuring a new book cover with Winslet as the titular character, was released worldwide from August to . Start by marking “The Dressmaker” as Want to Read: A darkly satirical novel of love, revenge, and s haute couture—now a major motion picture starring Kate Winslet, Judy Davis, Liam Hemsworth, and Hugo Weaving. Myrtle and Molly Dunnage were the outcasts in Dungatar, Australia. The Dressmaker: A Novel [Rosalie Ham] on Discover delightful children's books with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers new books.

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The Dressmaker is an Australian gothic novel of love, hate and haute couture. Sometime Shortlisted, Book of the Year Award – Booksellers Association ( ). Quick Answer: While much of the scenes and dialogue in Jocelyn Moorhouse's film adaptation of The Dressmaker are taken verbatim from. The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham tells the tale of a talented seamstress, returning home to her small town after years away with salacious and scandelous.

For example, although the Station Hotel is seen in the movie, the owners Fred and Purl are not included.

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Nancy Pickett is one of the gossiping townswomen in the movie, but her brother Bobby is not seen. In other cases, certain characters are replaced entirely. Though the film abounds with romantic affairs, not all of them made the cut.

Perhaps one of the most interesting affairs that is missing from the film is the one between Ruth Dimm and Nancy Pickett. In the book Tilly is not in attendance, giving the townspeople an opportunity to gossip about her behind her back. Teddy Liam Hemsworth at the football game There are other minor plot points that are altered or omitted in the film.

Gertrude becomes pregnant in the book, but this is left out in the film. In the film, Barney tells Teddy what he saw the day Stewart Pettyman died.

The vengeful climax also differs between the film and its source material.

In the book, Tilly suggests the competitive Eisteddfod. Towards the end of the novel each of their personal lives unravels in its own darkly spectacular way, and it is their various undoings that truly make The Dressmaker a gothic novel.

On the surface this is a story of a woman returning to a place that hates her, and of her perseverance and talent in the face of gossip, judgment, exile and even death. Under the surface, however, it is the story of women being scapegoated in a society that will only tolerate them for their material worth; in this case, creating beautiful fashion.

But, when another person in the town dies and Tilly is again blamed for it, she shakes off her compliance and strides into the realm of wild women and witches.

Witches are a recurring theme in The Dressmaker. Her status as an unmarried mother also marks her as promiscuous, another unforgivable quality associated with wild women and witches.

See a Problem?

Tilly considers herself cursed, unable to find happiness, bringing discord, destruction and death to those around her in the manner of a fairy tale witch. She even quotes the witches of Hamlet to some of the townspeople, reciting the spell they cast to drive Hamlet mad. And it is only when she embraces her perceived witch-self that Tilly comes into her own, leaving behind the curse that she felt ruled her life and casting chaos over the town of Dungatar. In the end she takes the unaccepted road, embracing her exclusion, living wildly and unapologetically, and destroying the rubbish that stood in the way of her happiness her whole life.She slowly wins over the locals with her talent for creating breathtaking couture, and is herself gradually won over by Teddy McSwiney, a fellow Dungatar outcast whose family is tolerated for their role as garbage collectors.

Scenes often oscillate between romance, absurdist slapstick and spaghetti western.

But Tilly is not without her own resources. Penguin Books.

These people are more caricatures than characters, but then cartoons can be as revealing and as much fun as films, so who cares? She has returned home after many years away to care for her ailing mother, Mad Molly, and to find closure for a harrowing event which occurred in her childhood. Almanac; and downtown the dump, presided over by the cheery and fecund McSwineys, including their handsome eldest son, Teddy.

Shortly afterwards, one of the town's meanest gossips is critically injured while she is snooping, and the town's chemist drowns. She even quotes the witches of Hamlet to some of the townspeople, reciting the spell they cast to drive Hamlet mad.

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