PUBLIC. SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite .. Exporting HTML Code, URLs, and Images to Excel Spreadsheets and PDF Files. SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite. Document Version: To save a document as a PDF file in Web Intelligence Rich Client. SAP BusinessObjects is the main application coming under SAP Business Intelligence (BI).Here is an introductory tutorial with PDF training materials about SAP.

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Y:\TrainingDevelopment\Business Intelligence Training Guides .. Open SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence. .. Save as PDF. Intelligence. Rich Client. Business Objects . Saving to Other File Formats ( Excel, PDF, CSV, and Text). .. Select SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence. Public folders and categories are created by the Business Objects team, and can be viewed by Reports can be exported as CSV, Excel, PDF, or Text files.

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Try making ABC Indicator a detail variable, associated with one of the merged dimensions from the same query. Then section on the variable. Alan Mayer: Hi Matt. Great question! Many, many new Webi features have been added since BI 4. Parallel processing, shared elements, reference variables, geomapping, merged variables, and so on.

We haven't seen this level of innovation in several years. Michael Welter: I've heard rumors about that happening, but I don't expect to see it anytime soon. I want to learn more of bo, how to start. Michael Welter: As far as I know, the software is only made available to paying clients. You need access to tech support to get the software download. Comment From Kelly How do I create a section after a section while letting the 1st section grow vertically?

Michael Welter: If you drag a single dimension into a section, it creates a new section under the first section. By default, the section height grows to fit the data in the section. Comment From MadhuA How can we make a custom palette style as one of the defaults ex: hue1, hue2 , etc.

Michael Welter: I've played with this in the past and haven't found a way to do this in Web Intelligence. If you search for the idea there, you can vote it up.


Parent report will have hierarchical dimension object in report and user selects any level of the dimension and the selected value of dimension should pass as parameter to the child report.

The challenge with OLAP-based hierarchies is that a user could click any level to drill. OpenDocument typically required the level at which you drill through to be set in advance. That said, you can emulate what you need using element linking. In your case, this would be the parent dimension and child level s. Michael Welter: I've built universes on Remedy using the generic ODBC connector, but found that it worked better to connect directly to the underlying tables using the native database driver.

Doing this allowed me to use dynamic date functions in the database.

I haven't connected to Salesforce data, but I know people who have. So I know it's possible. What are the use cases? Webi is great for relational data sources and somewhat less so for OLAP-based sources.

BO Getting Started

What chart types can be used? Image below. Alan Mayer: You can do timeline reporting, but it may be easier to create this as a table using variables and conditional formatting. Comment From Guest If I have multiple transaction tables the use the same hierarchical master data, what is the best way to structure my universe s in order to reduce the contexts?

We are on 4.

From the first step to the last, learn how to design reports that make an impact with this comprehensive guide. Discover the HTML5-based Web Intelligence Interactive Viewer and BI launchpad, a fully integrated interface for organizing, viewing, analyzing, and sharing business intelligence content.

Christian Ah-Soon has worked for SAP BusinessObjects for 15 years as a program manager on transversal areas like administration, security, internationalization, installation, semantic layers, and SDKs. Gabriel Orthous is a population health management and healthcare analytics expert, and a senior consultant to Wellcentive.

Heather Sinkwitz is a certified SAP BusinessObjects instructor with over 10 years of business intelligence consulting experience. Your account Help. Browse the Book Browse the Book. Print edition.

Updated for Webi 4. This fourth edition includes information on data source options for building new documents and queries, and a new HTML5-based viewing interface.

SAP BO (Business Objects)

Punch up your reporting and analysis! Your one-stop reference for all things Webi. About the Book About the E-book pages, hardcover, 2.

Reference book format 6. Printed black and white on 60 offset paper from sustainable sources. Notch-adhesive casebound for durability.

Reader-friendly serif font TheAntiquaB Syntax 9. One-column layout.

E-book in full color. Table of contents, in-text references, and index fully linked.Is a business-oriented mapping of the data structure found in databases: A restriction is a named group of constraints that apply to a universe. Are you talking about ETL or report refresh? Auuing new tables Seveie Impact: Controls Tab: