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Nutshell Handbook, the Nutshell Handbook logo, and the O'Reilly logo are registered trademarks of. O'Reilly Media, Inc. Learning Python, the image of a wood. AprendendoPython. Python Guide Documentation, Release output formats including HTML, LaTeX (for printable PDF versions), manual pages, and. Neste tutorial descreveremos a linguagem de programação Python cujo objetivo . Abaixo, vamos começar aprendendo as 4 operações matemáticas básicas.

Executing Python in this Book 1. More About Programs 1. What is Debugging? Syntax errors 1. Runtime Errors 1. Semantic Errors 1. Experimental Debugging 1. Formal and Natural Languages 1. A Typical First Program 1. Comments 1. Glossary 2. Simple Python Data 2. Variables, Expressions and Statements 2. Values and Data Types 2.

Type conversion functions 2. Variables 2. Variable Names and Keywords 2. Statements and Expressions 2. Operators and Operands 2. Input 2. Order of Operations 2. Reassignment 2.

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Updating Variables 2. Exercises 3. Debugging Interlude 1 3. How to be a Successful Programmer 3. How to Avoid Debugging 3.


Beginning tips for Debugging 3. Know Your Error Messages 3. ParseError 3. TypeError 3.

NameError 3. ValueError 3.

Livro - Aprendendo Python - Mark Lutz e David Ascher_(LGCL).pdf

Summary 4. Python Turtle Graphics 4.

Hello Little Turtles! Our First Turtle Program 4. Instances — A Herd of Turtles 4. The for Loop 4. Flow of Execution of the for Loop 4. Iteration Simplifies our Turtle Program 4. The range Function 4.

A Few More turtle Methods and Observations 4. Summary of Turtle Methods 4. Glossary 4. Exercises 5. Python Modules 5. Modules and Getting Help 5.

More About Using Modules 5. The math module 5. The random module 5. Glossary 5. Exercises 6. Functions 6. Functions that Return Values 6. Variables and Parameters are Local 6.

The Accumulator Pattern 6. Functions can Call Other Functions 6. Flow of Execution Summary 6. Using a Main Function 6. Program Development 6. Composition 6. A Turtle Bar Chart 6. Glossary 6.

Exercises 7.

Selection 7. Boolean Values and Boolean Expressions 7. Logical operators 7. Precedence of Operators 7. Conditional Execution: Binary Selection 7. Omitting the else Clause: Unary Selection 7. Nested conditionals 7. Chained conditionals 7. Boolean Functions 7. Glossary 7. Exercises 8. More About Iteration 8.

Iteration Revisited 8. The for loop revisited 8. The while Statement 8. Randomly Walking Turtles 8. Other uses of while 8. Sentinel Values 8. Validating Input 8.

Algorithms Revisited 8. Simple Tables 8. Image Processing 8. Image Objects 8. Image Processing and Nested Iteration 8. Image Processing on Your Own 8. Glossary 8. Exercises 9. Strings 9. Strings Revisited 9.

A Collection Data Type 9. Operations on Strings 9. Index Operator: Working with the Characters of a String 9. String Methods 9. String Format Method 9. Length 9. The Slice Operator 9.

String Comparison 9. Strings are Immutable 9. Traversal and the for Loop: By Item 9. By Index 9. Traversal and the while Loop 9. The in and not in operators 9. The Accumulator Pattern with Strings 9. Turtles and Strings and L-Systems 9.

Looping and Counting 9. A find function 9. Optional parameters 9. Character classification 9. Summary 9. Glossary 9. Exercises Lists List Values List Length For download options and links, please see the download pointers page. O'Reilly's web page for this book with more details The book's examples source code: Python changes after this edition's publication Assorted reader queries on common topics Extra program examples for book readers to explore This book's backstory on the Teaching Python page Links to resources for all five editions of this book.

O'Reilly sampler: In brief, this edition's main parts reflect major language topics: Getting Started An introduction to Python and ways to launch code Types and Operations In-depth coverage of Python's built-in objects Statements and Syntax Python's procedural statements' syntax and roles Functions and Generators Functions and functional-programming tools Modules and Packages Modules, module packages, and related concepts Classes and OOP Comprehensive OOP coverage—from basic to advanced Exceptions and Tools Raising and catching exceptions, context managers, tools survey Advanced Topics Unicode, descriptors, properties, decorators, metaclasses, and more Appendixes Usage tips, Windows launcher, Python changes, exercise solutions For more details, check out the Preface excerpt , or the full Table of Contents in the O'Reilly sampler.

There are hundreds of examples in this text. Some are short code segments typed and run at the Python interactive prompt, and others are larger scripts or modules coded and run in files. Although typing code manually is an important part of the learning process, the book's larger examples can also be fetched both here and here. The following two books are designed to complement and augment Learning Python , forming a 3-book documentation set: For a reference companion to this book, see also the book Python Pocket Reference This book provides supplemental reference-only material, and is intended to serve as an extension to Learning Python.

It's current 5th Edition has been updated to match the language coverage in the latest Learning Python. In addition, the applications-focused book Programming Python is designed to be a follow-up to Learning Python. It covers what you can do with Python after you've mastered its language fundamentals.

As a tutorial that moves on to explore common libraries and tools and present more complete example programs, Programming Python serves as the second of a two-book set. These two related books are not required reading, and some readers may opt to instead focus on specific application domains after finishing Learning Python 's fundamentals coverage. For those looking for extra resources, though, they are suggested texts.

Mar Want to run the book's code on your phone? This book mentions using Python on the Android and iOS mobile platforms in passing, but it is now entirely feasible to work though the book's examples and exercises on your smartphone.

For more on using Python on Android, check out this site's related documents here and here ; they focus on running Python tkinter GUIs on Android also possible today , but cover general Android topics along the way. Of course, phones are not everyone's idea of coding-friendly tools, but these devices are becoming powerful enough to double as general-purpose computers, especially when paired with keyboards, mice, and styli.

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